Showtime Attractions has over 20 years of experience and understands how important it is to provide the right combination of ceremony, tradition, excitement and surprise during the Christmas period at your event.

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your customers and retailers alike, takes careful planning and often many hours sourcing just the right elements. Our expert Production team have the experience to create and co-ordinate your successful Christmas events ensuring your Christmas season is remembered long after it has been enjoyed! 

Our objective is to create a comprehensive, exciting and fun entertainment program and to increase attendance by delivering the ‘wow’ factor and quality entertainment.

We believe that you too should enjoy the Christmas period as much as your customers. We not only source and combine the right elements for your Christmas celebrations, but also offer supervision of all activities, event planning, staff rosters and training processes. Speak with our state sales team to determine the best package for your centre.


Santa’s Arrival Parade is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for the whole family and is guaranteed to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Check our Christmas catalog for a range of Traditional and Licensed Arrival Packages, and our special Christmas Countdown package, which offers a 24-day cast of roving performers to keep your visitors entertained in the lead up to Christmas Day.

Showtime Attractions can organise a traditional or unique Santa’s Arrival for you, with options for licensed or generic characters, and anything from 10~100 performers welcoming the man of the moment. 

Why not do something different? Have Santa arrive in a limo, helicopter, on the back of a T.rex, monster truck or vintage fire engine. Santa’s arrival is a special day each calendar year and Showtime Attractions will cover the tiniest details to ensure your retailers and customers can experience the magic of Christmas.



Children will be thrilled to have breakfast with the jolly man himself, with a delicious serving of Christmas theming and entertainment, a nutritious breakfast or dinner, and of course, lots of Christmas fun, including a take-home gift! Our Santa’s Breakfast or dinner allows children to have a personal moment with Santa, which is not always possible with the bright lights and queues of Santa Settings. It’s also a great opportunity to reward your Kid’s Club members and these events can be tailored from the ground up to create a unique experience.



Rudolph’s Birthday is an event created by the Showtime Attraction’s production team that continues to engage and delight. Before they celebrate the magic of Christmas, we invite children to come along and celebrate Rudolph’s Birthday. The package includes the one-and-only red-nosed reindeer and his elf helpers, plus all the fun of a birthday party! This event can be tailored to your needs and guest numbers, and can include a range of Christmas characters to enhance the magic of the day.


Showtime Attractions’ Christmas decorations and Santa sets are nothing less than spectacular. The sky is the limit with what we can create. 

Showtime Attractions creates unforgettable experiences… Our in-house creative team are world class. We develop concepts that align with your brand identity, from ideas, to render, to production and execution. Whether it’s a unique lighting of the tree event, a special Santa’s Arrival or a fully immersive interactive Christmas activation throughout your centre, we can make the impossible, possible.



A handmade Christmas gift is not only a treasured keepsake but a magical memory. Showtime Attractions can offer a broad range of fun christmas craft items to inspire creativity and fun for children of all ages.

Our workshops offer children creative opportunities to design, decorate and take home their very own masterpiece whilst under the safe supervision of fully trained craft operators in festive attire.


Make Christmas magical with live entertainment.

Showtime Attractions offers a range of live show options that will entertain your visitors in the lead up to Christmas- from traditional Christmas productions through to licensed Christmas shows. Refer to our Christmas catalog for our full list of traditional and licensed Christmas shows.

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