COVID Safe Plan

Creating fun and safe events for everyone!

Showtime Attractions are committed to the safety of our clients, their guests and our staff. To ensure this we have introduced a COVID-Safe Plan, so everyone can still safely enjoy our services. Our COVID-Safe Plan has been created in line with the Victorian and Federal Government’s health advice and may be subject to change based on government guidelines.

Our COVID-Safe Plan aims to reduce the risks COVID-19 poses at your next event. Whilst we are unable to eliminate 100% of the risk of COVID-19, we are taking the following steps to help reduce the potential risk as much as possible: 

  • All performers / subcontractors are required to have completed the Australian Government’s Department of Health Infection Control Program.
  • All performers / subcontractors are required to complete a COVID-19 assessment report on a daily basis, prior to commencing the booking.
  • All performers / subcontractors are required to observe social distancing requirements.
  • Showtime Attractions will supply hand sanitiser for performers / subcontractors / event guests.
  • Performers / subcontractors must not take photos with phones or other equipment belonging to members of the public.
  • All work surfaces must be cleaned regularly in accordance to the event JSA.
  • Costumes are sanitised with an antibacterial spray prior to each time they are used at events.
  • Separate entry and exit walkways are to be set up for relevant events to maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Showtime Attractions can offer a low-cost cloud-based contact tracing system for use at events or for businesses.
  • Talk to our sales team for more information. 
  • Our regulations are updated regularly in accordance with change in state government guidelines.